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NEW Peer-Research available

The National Action Group for LGBTI+ Traveller and Roma Rights proudly launched the Peer-Research "Unveiling Inequality - Experiences of LGBTI+ Travellers and Roma", a peer-research project to explore and make visible the experience of exclusion of LGBTI+ Travellers and Roma as well as capture the love and acceptance that some LGBTI+ Traveller and Roma describe as receiving from their families and loved ones.

The IHERC funded peer-to-peer research looks at the lived experience of LGBTI+ Travellers and Roma in Ireland and unveils how LGBTI+ Travellers and Roma face homophobia, anti-Traveller racism and a combination of the two in their own communities, the LGBTI+ community & the wider society.

You can learn more about the research here:

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