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About us

The National Action Group for LGBTI+ Traveller & Roma Rights is a collective that aims to increase the promotion, protection, inclusion and celebration of LGBTI+ Traveller and Roma individuals and their families - within their communities and within Traveller & Roma and LGBTI+ organisations and services.

What is intersectionality

We inform about and promote awareness for the intersectional experience of LGBTI+ Traveller & Roma. Intersectionality refers to the fact that multiple affiliation with marginalised groups lead to an experience of overlapping and reinforcing discrimination and prejudice.

LGBTI+ Travellers and Roma often face homophobia, anti-Traveller and anti-Roma racism and a combination of the two in their own communities, the LGBTI+ community & the wider society.

For example, an LGBTI+ Traveller or Roma may encounter racism by the LGBTI+ community & may encounter exclusion and prejudice by the Traveller or Roma community for being LGBTI+ & be discrimintaed against by the wider society for both simultaneously.

Governance & Membership

The Steering Committee consists of representatives from the LGBTI+ Traveller & Roma community, the Traveller & Roma communities, national, regional and local Traveller & Roma organisations and services and LGBTI+ organisations and services.

The Membership consists of

If you are interested in becoming a member, please write us an email.


If you are an individual not affiliated with the LGBTI+ Traveller & Roma community, the Traveller or Roma communities or an organisation, but you want to support us: Become an ally and find out more.

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Saying Good Bye to our Key Worker

Unfortunately, for the moment we will no longer have a Key Worker working for the National Action Group for LGBTI+ Traveller & Roma Rights, but we are determined to re-install such a position as soon as possible and we will keep you updated.

In the meantime, you can contact us via email.

Email: info@travandromalgbti.ie


The Steering Committee

Our Chairperson
Individuals & Politicians
Representatives of Traveller organisations & services
Representatives of LGBTI+ organisations & services